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Warehouse Fit Out

A well designed warehouse can increase company productivity significantly.

At Prodjex we understand that in business time and space are money, but we never forget the people aspects of a design. Our Warehouse Fit Out services are tailored to maximise both functionality and the well-being of your team.

What is a Warehouse Fit Out?

A Warehouse Fit Out is a strategic transformation of an industrial space where functionality, storage and workflow are optimised. At Prodjex, we redefine warehouses, combining innovative design, storage solutions, and expert project management to create efficient, purpose-driven environments tailored to your business needs.

Complete Warehouse Fit Out Solutions

Complete Warehouse Fit Out Solutions

At Prodjex, we're uniquely placed to manage Warehouse Fit Out projects from a small warehouse fitting through to delivering a large scale solution that encompasses a design, warehouse fit out, safety and space optimisation, and even relocation.

As we are independent and not tied to any one manufacturer, you can trust that our advice is unbiased and impartial. We focus on your requirements so your warehouse fit out design is right for you, your people and your business.

Warehouse Fit Out Specialists

Warehouse Fit Out Specialists

As warehouse fit out specialists, we leverage our extensive commercial fitting experience at every stage of your project - from initial meetings to construction - to deliver the highest standard of work. We'll find solutions for the unique storage requirements of your business, and incorporate this into the design of your warehouse fit out.

As specialists, we have successfully managed diverse projects across a number of different industries. You can count on us to guarantee a timely delivery without compromising on quality, and ensure budget adherence for a project without unexpected financial burdens. Count on Prodjex as your Warehouse Fit Out specialists.

Warehouse Refurbishment Services

Warehouse Refurbishment Services

Explore our comprehensive range of offerings, including Mezzanine floors, strategic storage solutions like pallet racking, efficient relocation services and meticulous contract management. At Prodjex, flexibility is our strength - whether you need assistance with specific elements of your Warehouse Fit out, or seek a partner to oversee and execute the entire project, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose Prodjex as your Fit Out Contractor?

Comprehensive Expertise

Prodjex offers end-to-end solutions for warehouse fit outs, managing projects of any size with proven expertise, from design and development to relocation.

Tailored Solutions

Our client centric approach ensures tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s pallet racking, mezzanine installations, flooring or a complete warehouse refit.

Industry experience and reputation

With extensive experience working with notable businesses, including the BBC, Capital Radio, Virgin and Mizuno, Prodjex brings a trusted reputation and industry insights to every project.

Independence and clear communication

As an independent Fit Out Contractor, Prodjex delivers unbiased advice and maintains transparent communication. We ensure that your warehouse fit out is executed with precision, excellence and a focus on the unique needs and objectives of your business.

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Our Warehouse Fit Out Process

1. Plan

When planning our Warehouse Fit Out projects, we first ensure that your team is at the heart of the discussion. We evaluate the requirements of your warehouse, taking direction from the needs of your people. By planning the warehouse fit out with direct input from your team, we can ensure that innovative solutions, building restraints and budgetary considerations are addressed from the outset.

With your people at the centre of the design, we then take into consideration the constraints of both the building and your budget; allowing us to propose solutions early on.

2. Design

Our seasoned team will transform these proposed solutions into a functional design, optimising your warehouse space to its fullest potential. As our solutions can completely transform your warehouse, such as the addition of Mezzanine levels, our team will ensure clear communication at every step of the project. Whether this is 3D visualisations of designs, samples of materials, and if needed, a computer generated walk through - to provide you with a vivid preview of the proposed warehouse fit out.

With your people at the centre of the design, we then take into consideration the constraints of both the building and your budget; allowing us to propose solutions early on.

3. Deliver

At Prodjex, we go beyond just diagnosing your storage issues, or devising solutions for your warehouse needs. We deliver them! From start to finish, our team will work on your project to ensure you receive your excellent quality warehouse fit out, on time and to budget.

With a team of quality tradespeople, we can guarantee that your warehouse project is in good hands, and delivered promptly - and importantly - is compliant with all current guidance and legislation.

With your people at the centre of the design, we then take into consideration the constraints of both the building and your budget; allowing us to propose solutions early on.

Warehouse Fit Outs
Commercial Warehouse Fitting
Warehouse Fit Out Contractor

Experienced professionals

We utilise experienced and skilled craftsmen who ensure that all work meets the highest standards.

Unbiased knowledge you can trust

Our experience ensures that your project is in safe hands - and because we're independent you can depend on our advice to be unbiased and honest.

Regular Progress meetings

We offer regular progress review meetings to ensure you are fully informed on the ongoing status of your project.

A team of varied expertise

Our team includes space and facilities planners, architects, interior designers, M&E engineers, information technology experts.

Complete project management

We manage contractors, health and safety requirements, building regulations and much more to ensure your project is operated safely and in compliance with UK law.

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