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Premises feasibility assessment

You wouldn’t start a business without a Business Plan. So logically you shouldn’t choose an office without a feasibility study.

New office and relocation feasibility studies

New office and relocation feasibility studies

If you are planning to set up your first office or are thinking about relocating to new commercial premises then a feasibility study is an essential part of the decision making process.

It would be nice if all office moves were as simple as finding an available building and moving in but, unfortunately, that is not generally the case!

Successful office moves - whether to greenfield sites, serviced office space or relocating to new buildings - begin with thorough planning about your current needs but also mindful of your future office space requirements. This thorough approach also needs to consider what facilities your company will need to operate efficiently now and in the future.

What does an office feasibility study consider

What does an office feasibility study consider

An office feasibility study gathers essential information about your current and projected space occupancy and head count, along with the type of facilities your team will require such as number of meeting rooms, kitchen/break out area facilities and IT Requirements.

It will also look at how you work, your culture and work flow in your office - which will all come in useful when planning your new office layout.

Helping you make the right decision

As office design, space planning, refurbishment and relocation experts, Prodjex offers a Feasibility Study service that can look at all aspects of your move to help you make the important decisions.

It is a valuable first stage of your new office project, outlining any potential problems and approximate costs involved.

Our clients then have the opportunity to consider the value of the new office before going ahead, without having to make a 'blind' commitment to major capital expenditure.

A feasibility study may even point out that an office relocation is not even necessary, and instead, a re-work / refurbishment project of your existing workplace may be just what you need to revitalise and improve your productivity.

Seamlessly from feasibility to office design

Of course, the major advantages of undertaking a Feasibility Study is that you will be able to choose the office space that is best suited to your design and layout aspirations.

Not only that, it also enables Prodjex to design your office to your specific requirements and make the most out of your new office space.

Involving Prodjex in the early stages of your office move project will result in substantial cost-savings, a perfectly matched office space and an office design that boosts your company's efficiency.

Feasibility study money back guarantee

Prodjex offers the Feasibility Study service as an abortive cost that will be refunded should we be awarded the fit out or refurbishment project.

We charge £75 per hour for site visits and preparations of any plans/costs involved.

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