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Contract Management

Effective project management is dependent upon attention to detail, effective resource management, budget control and open and continuous dialogue with our clients.

To enable the smooth running of any project and to ensure that all time parameters are met, with the works being completed, within the pre-allocated budget and to the required standards, each project has an appointed site supervisor.

The supervisor will be permanently available throughout the complete project, controlled by our Contracts Manager, who will attend all necessary meetings and visit site on a regular basis.

Contract Management Specialists

Contract Management Specialists

Our Contracts Manager will attend the formal site meetings to ensure that the project is progressing as laid out to you by Prodjex’s staff and to give you an immediate line of contact, should any unforeseen problems arise.

Through regular site meetings and pro-active communication, Prodjex is able to anticipate and solve likely project problems leaving the client confident and free to conduct and continue their own business.

Just prior to the ‘go ahead’ on a project, Prodjex will produce a detailed project plan. This computerised Programme of Works is devised with the input of the Prodjex team and the client.

Frequent Reporting

Frequent Reporting

Progress is monitored weekly against the programme. Sub-contractor and client meetings are held to report on the project, control is exercised by effective communication and implementation of the project plan and management procedures.

The importance of communication with members of staff outside of the project team is not overlooked by Prodjex. We will work with the client team to in order that the appropriate information is made available or presented to the staff.

Fire and Building Safety

Fire and Building Safety

Our Contracts Department will liaise with the Fire Officer and Building control to ensure all plans of installation are approved.

Our Contracts Department will also on completion, demonstrate the working of all installations and ensure snagging is promptly dealt with.

They will then offer you a client satisfaction document for you to complete and sign the project off.

Local Authority & Permissions

In most instances, where refurbishment works are taking place, within commercial premises, companies are required, by law, to make an application to their Local Authority Building Control department.

For an all-embracing service, we will prepare detailed plans and specifications for the submission of an application to the Local Authority Building Control and Fire Officer.

This will include discussions with the appropriate personnel within these departments to obtain approvals.

Negotiations on behalf of our client to achieve fire certification and building control approval as necessary.

This will be administered through the Approved Inspector scheme and a Final Certificate will be issued upon completion.

The certificate proves that you completed all the works to the required standards as set by current legislation.

Construction Design Management Regulations

Following its initial introduction in 1994, the Construction Design and Management Regulations (commonly known as the CDM Regulations) were re-introduced in April 2007; the revised Regulations are intended to make it easier for those involved in construction projects to comply with their health and safety duties.

The CDM Regulations are aimed at improving the overall management and co-ordination of health, safety and welfare throughout all stages of a construction project.

The new regulations combine the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1996) and CDM 1994 into one single set of regulations. However, they also introduce some important changes to the safety regime.

These include:

  • A new duty on designers to eliminate hazards and reduce risks, as far as is reasonably practicable. They will also have a duty to ensure that any workplace they design complies with the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992;
  • A Client will no longer be able to appoint an agent to take on their legal duties and criminal liabilities, thereby making the CDM Coordinator role more advisory in helping to fulfil their duties to comply with the Regulations
  • When Principal Contractors appoint contractors, they will have to tell those contractors how much time they have to prepare for on-site work;
  • Contractors will have a similar duty towards those they appoint to work on-site, as well as being obligated to plan and manage their own work; and
  • The role of Planning Supervisor, which carried responsibility for co-ordinating health and safety aspects of the design and the planning phase of the construction project, is to be replaced by a CDM Project Co-ordinator.

A CDM Co-ordinator / Planning Supervisor, has to be appointed, if a project lasts more than 30 days, involves more than 500 person days of work or involves major demolition.

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1. Plan

We put your people first, listening to your ideas and requirements is the first and most important part of the process.

With your people at the centre of the design, we then take into consideration the constraints of both the building and your budget; allowing us to propose solutions early on.

2. Design

We'll combine your ideas with our experience and convert them into a working design that optimises space and increases productivity for your company.

Our design process includes 3D visuals, samples of finishes and a computer generated "walk through" if required.

3. Deliver

Prodjex will manage and deliver from start to finish both on time and within budget.

By using our network of quality tradesman we ensure that we provide a high level of craftsmanship whilst ensuring compliance with all current legislation.

Experienced professionals

We utilise experienced and skilled craftsmen who ensure that all work meets the highest standards.

Unbiased knowledge you can trust

Our experience ensures that your project is in safe hands - and because we're independent you can depend on our advice to be unbiased and honest.

Regular Progress meetings

We offer regular progress review meetings to ensure you are fully informed on the ongoing status of your project.

A team of varied expertise

Our team includes space and facilities planners, architects, interior designers, M&E engineers, information technology experts.

Complete project management

We manage contractors, health and safety requirements, building regulations and much more to ensure your project is operated safely and in compliance with UK law.

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